Friday, 7 December 2012

71 times

2nd entry post at uitm. nothing interesting today. same like before. im still been stuck here again and again. dont know when dis will get bla frm my life. so bad. and i feel like wanna to crying rite now but but but please dont cry here, it ashamed me. bcz i m too lazy to close de door, it doesnt mean im the penakut punya orang. haha. just lazy je okay.

so, what kind of entry post tht i posting now?. hmmm. 

ouhhh, fr dis semester, and the courses are like killing me softly, very very softly waa cakap luu.but still hope there have a chance to get wht i dreammmmm, and its like, Ya Allah, give the best fr me and my friend because all dis is not only for us, but all dis is fr to make proud of our parents. please Ya Allah. :)  

okay, firstly,fr the subject QMT 181. it is not bad too much. maybe the intro is quite hard because must to remember all tht. haha. no worries, will buy kismis to get away penyakit lupa.and the lecturer fr dis subject, almost my classmates said, he's hensemboy. oh gosh. so rabun. k stop.

then, fr the subject PAD 310. it is about malaysian studies. for the 1st topic, it quite interesting, because im felt so sleepy when the prof had taught in the class. i think i'm the only one person that felt so sleepy because i do not like anything that is related to sejarah, historrryyy, but, they also felt the same with me ! so funny, but no funny at all. because im not laughing rite know. haha. no funny too. 

so fr the next subject is BEL 312. it is the ------- subject. do not know how to describes my feeling bout dis subject. hmmm. dis subject no final exam, it is based on assessment in the class. sound likes heaven rite ? but it like hell. but not la. tak baik tau cakap macam tu. Allah marah. actually dis subject is stand for occupationally purposes. like learn how to work at workplace but in english la. i mean talk in english. so almost the assessments like 95% in individuals work. so it is called as heaven? no rite . so tht the point. and also bout the how we are suppose to dress is like the employee. wear formal dress code. and sound like my money must fly fly fly away from me. oh mama, ayah, help me ! i love my money. i love so much. erghh. 

okay, the others subject still dont have lecturer , i think so. 

oh ya, i missing so much my home. seriously , i felt homesick.

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