Sunday, 4 November 2012

61 times

hello november :) hope this month could have happiesttt moment especially for mama, ayah, family. please Allah, i want Deks! give the best for me on what i had done in my final exams. hope sooooo. :) i know only Allah can give us everything cuma lambat or cepat je yg membezakan. :) insyaallah, me and friend's effort Allah will give the best. Aminn, only don't stop for pray to get the bestt one result and also give a strength to facing anything bad happen. its not about to blame takdir or faith, but it actually to avoid any frustating, and i know, any bad thing happen make us frustrated ,no mood, any else that related to it. :)

and yesterday is the one of my happiest moment. :) me and him. thank you allah for giving him to me.For u my reader,my stranger reader, my stalker reader, actually i'm not the choosy person. but what i'm doing now ,and if it could make 'your' heart sadly, i'm sorry  for that. i know, you and you will get the besttt one person , girl or woman, women, in your life. trust me. what happened in our relay is the faith. i'm not find the man that had 6pax, tough, rich man, have money, gold, car, i'm actually find the man can make me feel i'm in his life , together with him get through all troubled time and i want the man not rich, and actually same like me. because, i want to help him get what his want in his life. so sorry for you two. because lying to you. and please don't get sad about our relay, u and u are still my friends because you two teach me how kind of life is this . 

haha. Do this luahan hati could make me more calm and feel so lega? hope so. :) kbai

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