Friday, 11 November 2011

i believe in future i will become success !


the above statement are so truly meant to me. because of ? aiyaaa ~ so long long the story aa.  in 6 years from im in 12years which is in standard six, im just falling in love but he not my first love. im just suck to couple because my friend were fall to couple . and this environment make me wants to trying what i cant do and i want to prove at my friend that im also can love love to someone. so stupid rite ? but its me and now after six years im truly falling in to loving someone . and so so so much i love him . eventhough many people do  not like my the only only one i love , and make me stuck there, between my heart or my friend or my family. erghhhh, come on bulat ! your life is still new pleaseee dont destroy nd ruin your life because loving2. please be matured !

do you know something when the guy falling in love with you, he will doing anything for you. but how if the guy is loving you so truly damn damn much but he dono how to show their  feeling into the girl and the end the girl feel so bandly to the guy and they breakup , but they loving to each other. HAHA.  its means their fate no JODOH !

what i can conclude it is if no JODOH , we must accept what happened to us because trust me , in future you will have someone which is have the charisma that u want .please and please do not try anything to make your life is become destroy . and enjoy your life while we still alive. insyaALLAH

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